The Re-Write

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Lecture: 162mc the re-write

Script report form: SCRIPT REPORT FORM

Gap Weeks tasks: 162MC gap weeks

Team Writing Article Team Writing experience on Roseanne

Sean’s Script: Little Star script


Writing your Screenplays plus samples

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Some scripts to read and learn from, layout and styles etc:


Bridesmaids Screenplay

HANNA – screenplay P

AUL – screenplay

The Inbetweeners screenplay

162MC The Screenplay

The Treatment

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162MC The Treatment


Movie Outlines examples


The Most Common Problems in Screenplays

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Here is a link to a good brief overview of why scripts have problems:



From Pitch To Outline

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Hi all here are the lecture notes and additional materials to date:

The Pitch Top Tips Script Coventry 162MC Outlines Big Fish original outline Big Fish revised outline Crib Sheet copy


Sample Screenplays

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Here re some sample screenplays to give you a good idea and understanding of layout and pacing of a feature length script, obviously these are a lot longer than you will be writing but useful all the same:

FinalScript There Will Be Blood


The Guard

The Help Screenplay

Attack the Block

The Inbetweeners screenplay

HANNA – screenplay

Bridesmaids Screenplay

And the screenplay for the award winning short film: Moth


Hello world!

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